Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Gods, No Masters, No Shoes

Adventures, adventures. I've found myself staying up 'til dawn more often than usual these days. Exploring the city, going to shows, conversing with strangers, wandering in bare feet and making out in parks. Watching the sun rise from near-deserted downtown streets, or my bedroom window. It's strange because the season had such a horrendous beginning for me, yet it seems to be quickly turning into the Best Summer Ever. I feel like everywhere I go, every corner I turn, this city gives me more and more hints that this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm currently living in an apartment that is both the nicest and the cheapest I have ever had. I'm surrounded by friends who love and support me. My French is getting better all the time. It's amazing to finally be living according to my own rules and my own schedule. To meet people and be able to say, "This is what I want out of life, and if you don't want the same things, then let's not waste each other's time." To sing and dance with little self-consciousness.

It's been quite a few years since I kept up with my horoscope, but I clicked a link on a whim today and found this one pretty meaningful. Then I went back and read my horoscopes from the past two and a half months, and all of them were eerily accurate. So I've been officially converted to Real Detroit Weekly.

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20
It's pretty trippy to be you right now. You're in the middle of a very intense and perhaps difficult experience that will turn out to be totally rewarding if you manage your energy with some degree of intelligence. Don't be naïve about the things that are making everything in your reality so stressful but be careful not to be overly concerned. This is a test; all you have to do is show up, stay centered in the moment and take the good with the bad. If you can handle it, the things that are pushing you around will soon mold all of this pressure into something lasting and real.

For someone who doesn't work (at a 'real' job) or go to school, I sure am busy. I flip through my agenda and I don't have a free day for weeks. I don't have time to work on every project that interests me, or to see all of the people that I wanna see, but I'm doing my best and I'm content.

midwest is best

When I got dressed this morning, I put on my Midwest is Best t-shirt, and I guess it was yet another sign, because I wound up writing letters to three Chicago friends. My new goal in life is to go to a White Sox game and share beer and nachos with my favourite Midwest zinesters. I've got quite the stack of correspondence to catch up on. I think my concentration is slowly coming back to me.

i have this many letters to respond to

no gods, no masters, no shoes

Fight Boredom Distro News: I'm going to be in Ontario during the last week of July, making a trip to visit my sister and friends. If you live in Toronto or Guelph, now would be a really awesome time to place an order through Fight Boredom Distro, because I'll be able to pack up your zines and hand-deliver 'em, saving you the postage costs. Just make sure to send your order before July 24th (and you can pay through Paypal or give me cash in person). Seriously, go for it. The more zines I sell this summer, the more titles I'll be able to add to the catalogue in September. Please share the link and tell your friends!

Anyway, here's a nice song to listen to before you get on with the rest of your day. Comme Sam disait, c'est tellement parfaite pour une romance d'été.


betsystardust said...

wow, i really like that undertones song!

and i'm glad to hear you're doing so well!

a lurker

Hello Amber! said...

Isn't it great? I think I first heard it when I was sixteen and I've loved it ever since.

Thanks for reading! <3

Melissa said...

That horoscope was made for you. It's wonderful that your summer is turning out so well! Will write soon!

marandaelizabeth.com said...

I almost clicked the link to find out what my horoscope would be. OH WAIT.

Cath said...

Ooh, I see my letter there among your pile of mail! :)

Take care xxx

cupofjoelle said...

great post title!

odd question, but:
do your sheets have
little lavender flower
buds and green as well
as blue? i have a pillow
case that matches but i
don't really want it.
would you want it?

p.s. love that song. i've
never actually heard the
original version but covers
by nouvelle vague and seabear.

Bri said...

1) dunno how i never realized you're a libra. no wonder we click so well, bein air signs and all! haha. but also, that horoscope sounds eerily like what my sister (also a libra) is going through, too.

2) loving that undertones song! can't believe i've never heard it. learned how to play it on guitar just now (well, workin on the solo) and may just try to cover it one day :)

3) i am so glad things are going well for you!

agingriotgrrrl said...

whoa, this post rules! i love teenage kicks. i, too, am having a mostly-great summer that started off pretty badly. and those horoscopes! OMG! so insightful. i have been dying for a good weekly horoscope and it appears that i have found one. thanks!

Ingrid said...

Aw my letter is there :) Plus Not Lonely zine, love that zine.

Your T-shirt is so lovely!

Susan Kennedy said...

sounds great! can't wait to be back!

samectoplasm.com said...

Hihihi ça fait plaisir de voir que tu te sens magnifiquement bien! Je crois que j'ai trouvé ma (mes) romances d'été :)
Enjoy your trip & see you soon!