Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Burning Up In Here / We Got Something To Tell You

Get Fit For The Pit #1
Such a good comp zine! This one is all about health and fitness, specifically viewed through a punk and activist lens. In the intro, Nicole says that she'd like to counter the romanticization of sleepless nights and drunken adventures. This first issue includes contributions by Maranda Elizabeth (of Telegram Ma'am), who writes about joining their local roller derby league, Ramsey Beyer (of List), who shares a comic about crossfit (noting that her fitness friends are interested in her 'punk life' but her punk friends scoff at her interest in exercise), Ele (of Cats Teeth), who writes about hooping, as well as several pieces on running, rugby, yoga and more. It's a pretty inspiring read and a creative theme, so I'm really looking forward to future issues. Order yours through Click Clack Distro!

Land Of Make Believe And Dress Up
I felt that this zine was haphazardly assembled and definitely could have used some editing, but I did really enjoy reading it. Rachel begins by writing about her introduction to sex work via selling used underwear online, and eventually moving on to porn and more. She identifies as a queer anarchist and discusses where her politics and work meet and/or clash, how sex work affects her relationships, whorephobia in society and more. If anyone has any recommendations for more zines on sex work, please leave 'em in the comments 'coz I'd like to read more about it.

Motor City Kitty #17
This zine is very much a continuation of Motor City Kitty #16 (which was a split with Culture Slut #24) and picks up where the last one left off, writing about the state of feminism in her local music scene and some shitty experiences with dudes, plus some heavy stuff about the death of her father. I love Bri's zines because they feel like a letter to a friend (and well, she is one of my best friends) and I feel like her skillz in writing, illustration and even cut-and-paste just keep getting better and better. Love you, Bri!

zines zines zines

What I've Been Up To Lately: Dancing, thrifting, jumping through sprinklers, complaining about the heat, and playing dress-up.

playing dress-up

playing dress-up

thrift scores, july 22nd 2011

This is my last post 'til August 'coz I'm spending the week in Toronto and Guelph with friends and lovers. Ta!


thugsoftheheart said...

hi amber, maybe you've already heard of rocket queen (it's certainly not new), but i have #1 & #2 and they're both a great read. janet talks about her work as a dancer with humor and charming wit. even the layout is great--she photocopied her dancing attire as text background! i think microcosm has them, but if you don't like dealing with them, i'm sure others do too... xo-megan

Bri said...

love you, too! and love the blonde wig haha. totally just found a bitchin bowie t-shirt/dress at the thrift store for $1.50. yours made me think of it. have fun in toronto! give everyone hugs and kisses for me if they want them :)

A Strange Boy said...

Week vacations are awesome. Hope yours is filled with good company and good stories.