Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

Important Message! Montreal People! Last week, I was at the Riot Grrrl For Rock Camp cover band show at Il Motore and someone came up to me and told me that they like my blog. I thanked them, but I get kinda awkward and flustered when this happens, so I forgot to ask them their name or tell them that their X-Ray Spex cover band totally ruled my night. So, if you're reading - I think you're really great too! You should comment with your contact info or something and we can be friends. Actually, this goes for any Montreal readers. Because one of my favourite things about being involved in zines is all the lovely friends I've made, but if people read my things without interacting with me, then it becomes a very one-sided thing and that makes me nervous. So let's hang out!

What I've Been Up To Lately: Let me tell you about this amazing date that I had last week. We had a picnic at Mont-Royal, which is always a good idea. Things were going along swimmingly, but suddenly turned strange. Two elderly people approached us from behind, one pushing the other in a wheelchair. They stopped right next to us, and the woman who was walking simply put on the brakes and began to walk away without her friend. She said, en français, "I'll come back to get you at dusk." It was three o'clock in the afternoon. She waved goodbye and left us sitting in the grass completely confused. My date and I made faces at each other, looked back and forth between the two women and laughed nervously. Then it hit me: This is the park where they film the Just For Laughs gags. I started to look around for hidden cameras or any hints as to what was going on. I spotted the person who was recording sound about thirty feet behind us, wearing headphones and carrying a large bag that was meant to hide his equipment. I smiled at him, and when he smiled back at me, we knew it was a prank. The woman in the wheelchair began to talk to herself, « Il neige, il neige » and got up and walked away, too. Finally, the crew came out from behind some trees, waving contracts and asking us to sign. We couldn't stop laughing! It was such a weird day, and a totally funny thing to happen on a first date! So we signed their papers. It was actually for a show called Les Détestables (more info here), and it'll be on television in the fall. I don't really watch tv, but maybe it'll wind up on YouTube someday? Would be pretty silly to see myself.

From all the pictures I post, you'd think that I do nothing but hang around Vincent's place singing along with Spice Girls and watching movies and eating ice cream. Well, that's mostly true. But I've also been making different kinds of homemade iced tea, buying fun apartment things at Ikea, making my bed with vintage sheets, getting soaked in the rain, warding off creeps, daydreaming about some creative projects that I'm gonna start soon, making new friends, getting a whole ton of snail mail, and trying to stay excited about life.


Jenny Bean said...

Mmm Iced creams.
I want cherry Garcia!
that's fun that you were on random tv show.neat!

Lenora said...

Hey, I don't know all the people who are in the x-Ray Spex cover-band cause I haven't been to the show but if the girl had black hair her name's Carina or if they're short and blond, her name's Meagan. Anyways, thought you'd might like to know.